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“Your Next Pitch” a 10 Step Pitching System to Coach and Train…

  • The Emotional Side of Pitching (Motivation, Desires and Feelings)
  • The Mental Side of Pitching (Thoughts, Attitude, Toughness)
  • The Physical Side of Pitching (Skills, Strength & Conditioning, Pitches)

1.  Commitment Contract.

It’s a contract that your pitchers write out why they want to pitch, what they want to accomplish as a pitcher and sign that they are committed to being the best pitcher they can be.  Find out if your pitchers are emotionally committed to pitching and winning.

ML Mindset Scrren Shot YNP



2.  Who’s In Control Worksheet.

This is an exercise that every pitcher and coach should work through together.  It is simple to do, but it forces you to focus only on the things you can control.  Once you identify the things you can control you can put a plan together to practice and master those things.  Don’t ever let your pitchers focus on things they can’t control.

Who's in Control Exp.



3.  Pitcher Assessment/Scouting Report.

This will be your first initial evaluation of each pitcher and it will give you a more specific idea of their strengths and weaknesses. It will help you create a personal plan for each pitcher.  

Pitcher Assessment Exp.



4.  Pre-Pitch Routine Checklist.

Every pitcher needs a personal pre-pitch routine that they do every time.  Creating a routine helps pitchers be more focused and keeps them from tipping pitches.  It also gives the pitcher the confidence to use their practiced pre-pitch routine under extreme pressure in-game situations.  Their Pre-Pitch Routine must become a positive, repeatable habit.

Pre-Pitch Routine Exp.



5.  Pre-Season Throwing Program and Schedule.

This a 4 Week throwing plan that can be customized for each individual pitcher.  It comes with custom bullpen charts for each pitcher so you can track their progress.  Lack of a dedicated pre-season throwing program is one of the biggest causes of pitching arm injuries. 

New YNP Blue Preseason Program



6.  Pre Game Routine Checklist.

This might be one of the most overlooked aspects of pitching by coaches.  This checklist has each pitcher create a personal pre game warm up routine.  Starts from the time they go to bed and wake up, to throwing the last warm up pitch in the pre game bullpen and everything in between.

Pre Game Routine Exp.



7.  Post Game Routine Checklist.

This is a simple checklist to walk pitchers through exactly what they need to do to start the recovery process and to prepare for their next bullpen session.  Make sure they do the post game workout it will save your pitchers from a lot of arm soreness and they will recover faster.

Post Game Routine Exp.



8.  Post Game Evaluation Worksheet.

Gives Pitchers and Coaches a detailed evaluation worksheet of the last outing so they can put together what they need to work on in the next bullpen throwing session.  Don’t overlook this evaluation it will make a huge difference in quickly identifying bad habits and trends and your ability to make in season adjustments.

Post Game Eval. Exp.



9.  In Season Throwing Program and Weekly Schedule.

Create unlimited personal bullpen charts for each individual pitcher.  This gives you the ability to test, track and tweak any pitch during the in season bullpen sessions. Based on whether they are a starter or reliever.  This is where most In Season adjustments must be practiced and made.

YNP 60 Pitch Chart Screen Shot



10.  Off Season Action Plan.

The Off Season is when you make any major mechanical adjustments or fixes.  It should be customized for each pitcher based on the Pitcher Assessment and each pitchers individual skill set.  This is when drills must turn into skills.  It’s hard to make major fixes during the Regular Season.

Weekly Pitching Planner Exp.


I Promise No Hype, Crazy Theories or Philosophical Debates.

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  • Conrad Gayle July 13, 2014 at 11:02 pm

    love the charts you have under pitching chart section. Do you have them available to print and work with my local pitchers?

    Really enjoy the site

    • Darrell Coulter July 14, 2014 at 6:29 am


      Let me know what charts you specifically would like to have and I will get them to you.


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