I think he would.

I don’t personally know Rob Hatch, but I love reading his emails he sends out to me.

He is the Chief Operating Officer of Human Business Works.

That is the company that Chris Brogan is the President and CEO of.

Here is what their website said they do.

Human Business Works is a business design company, providing publishing and media products dedicated to helping professionals like you (anyone from a solo business to a very passionate part of a bigger company) understand how to do business your way, provided that way is relationship-minded, interested in delivering great value for your client or customer, and want to do this in a much more interesting way than the status quo.”

Check out the article he emailed the other day “How Are You Doing So Far” right here http://humanbusinessworks.com/so-far

If you want to be a mentally tough pitcher master his five keys to getting started.

  1. Silence the Inner Critic
  2. Adopt a Training Mindset
  3. Grow Up
  4. Prepare
  5. Play with people who are better than You

Pitching is a lot like owning your own business, if you have the right mindset it’s a lot easier to be successful.

Wonder if he can teach pitchers how to throw a nasty curve ball?

[addlink url=”http://pitchinghabits.com” text=”Do You Have the Mental Makeup Pro Scouts Look For?”]

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