Make the right choice.

4 Things You Need to Know Before You Do Any Pitching Drill.

  1. What You’ll Learn.
  2. Why it Matters
  3. How To Do It Right
  4. What’s Next

If your coach can’t confidently answer these next 4 questions for you, then they don’t know what they’re talking about.

What You’ll Learn?

What will be the end result after you master this drill?  As a Pitcher what will you specifically learn and develop doing this drill.

Why It Matters?

Why you’re doing this specific pitching drill?  What specific aspect of pitching is it helping you learn and develop as a pitcher?

How To Do It Right?

Can they explain in a short, easy to understand steps how to learn, practice and master this specific pitching drill?

What’s Next?

After you master this pitching drill what will be your next specific step in continuing to grow and develop your pitching skills.

Don’t accept generic, cookie cutter answers that you could Google in 5 seconds.

Every Pitcher is different…

In their height, weight, athletic ability, current pitching skills, mindset, mental toughness, desire, determination.

You need a to specifically know what YOU need to work on and what will work for you.

That’s why most pitchers and parents I work with are so frustrated when they call me.

The reason why you’re not getting better is usually not the pitching drills.

It’s one of two things.

It’s because the Coach can’t explain…

What you’ll learn, Why it matters, How to do it right and What’s next.

Or the Pitcher chooses not to do it.

Becoming an elite pitcher is a choice, not a birth right.

What will You Choose?

If you need help with your What, Why, How and What’s Next, Click Here.


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