3X Pitching Velocity Program


I get this question almost every week.

After almost 2 years of tearing Brent’s program apart, the good, the bad and the hard, I know it works.

3 Reasons I use the 3X Program.

1.  Brent is living proof that it works.  He personally has done everything he teaches and beat the odds, recovering from a major arm injury.

2.  3X Pitching explains pitching mechanics in a way that anyone can learn them both physically and mentally.  There are a lot of coaches that don’t understand the physics of pitching or are teaching the old balance point theory which is ruining a lot of young pitchers arms, while killing their velocity.

3.  The 3X Fusion Strength and Conditioning program trains the 3 main areas of the body that pitchers must have to reach their max velocity, Powerful explosive legs, a strong flexible core and the whole body (specifically throwing arm) joint integrity.

4 Things 3X is not.

1.  It’s not a learn how to pitch program.  3X focuses mainly on the mechanics it takes to throw hard and the strength and conditioning it takes to reach your max velocity.

2.  It does not teach you how to throw pitches after you learn all the mechanics and now can throw 90+.

3.  EASY.  Using the 3X Pitching Program is hard.  It takes an Olympic type commitment to be a great pitcher and 3X demands it, if you truly want to reach your maximum potential.

4. Cheap.  But, neither am I. You better be serious about wanting to throw hard and to become a better pitcher.  Brent has put years of research and testing into 3X.  He stands behind his program, he is always available and he knows his approach isn’t the only way to get to the Major Leagues, but he knows his program works.

Who 3X Pitching is NOT For.

  • If you are not willing to put in any work.  If you think you can just sit on the couch and magically get better at pitching…keep dreaming!
  • If all you want to do is pitch.  If you want to truly become a great pitcher you have to train the right way.
  • If you think that you’ll never be the pitcher you want to be.  Every pitcher started where you are now, the ones who became great just never gave up when things got hard.  If you don’t quit, I guarantee you will get better.
  • If you are the type of person who will buy this system and then never even use it.  You have a choice to either do nothing and never get any better at pitching and maybe regret it for the rest of your life, or you can put 3X Pitching Program to work for you, go out and do it!

I am proud to promote the 3X program.

I use it as the perfect complement to what I do.

I use 3X pitching for my off-season training and in season mechanics and strength and conditioning program for my pitchers.

It gives me more time to focus on what I do well create personal pitching plans for pitchers and coaches.

There are some good pitcher training programs available on the internet.

Over the last 4+ years I have done thousands of hours of research.

I have studied Coach Dick Mills approach.  He has a lot of good information and I agree with his positions on Long Toss, using video and pitchers need to practice more, but not a huge fan of his strength and conditioning philosophy.  I believe that pitchers need to be explosive powerful athletes and the truth is most Major League Pitchers are. You can find the exception, but it is rare.  But if you wanted to use his methods I could see that they could work.  I think his ways would take longer to reach you goals.  (I have never bought anything from him)

The Pitching Academy.  I have bought their Disc 2 Pitches CD.  I think Dan does a good job explaining and breaking down how to grip and throw pitches.

Better Pitching.  I have bought Phil’s Program.  It has some good information in it.

Baseball Think Tank.  I haven’t bought anything, but I like what Lantz is doing there and I am interested in learning more about his approach.  As a former coach he can bring a lot insight to the table.

90 MPH Club.  Haven’t bought it.  Followed Paul’s newsletter and content he puts out. Too much marketing and not enough substance for me to give an honest opinion on. Looks like he has a lot of people trying his stuff, must be a good coach or a great marketer.  I do like his YouTube Videos.

The National Pitching Association has some great information.  Tom House has been at it for years and has done a ton of research.

That is just some of the programs I have been following and studying.  I am sure there are more but those are the ones I have been focusing on.

I hope this answers some your questions that I have been getting.

The truth is you need to find a program that you can believe in.

If you just go through the motions and don’t commit then it won’t matter what program you use it’s NOT going to work.

Make a commitment to greatness and you will never regret it.

If you’re looking to add some heat to your fastball, check out 3x Pitching.


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