Generic Pitching Lessons Versus Personal Pitching Plans

Why generic pitching lessons don’t work anymore.

This can be an expensive lesson for many parents.

  • There are Pitching Mechanics videos and lessons.
  • There are pitch grips videos and lessons.
  • There are strength and conditioning videos and lessons.

And all of them can be important to learning and understanding the fundamental pitching motors skills needed to physically look like a baseball pitcher.

But thats all it gets you.  You look like a pitcher.

The problem comes when you actually have to use all those fundamental motors skills in a real baseball game.

Now you have to be able to think, feel and pitch to real hitters who want to embarrass and humiliate you in front of everybody.

That’s when you better know how to pitch.

Pitching is mentally, emotionally and physically preparing and practicing throwing pitches to a specific location in order to get hitters under pressure in a real game.

Mechanics, pitch grips and strength & conditioning is a fixed, learned, practiced, mastered pitching fundamentals and instincts that needs to become second nature to pitchers.

Not something you should be worrying or thinking about them in a real game.

Pitching is tough enough without worrying about fundamentals is the middle of a game.

Practice is where you work on and fix fundamentals.

So parents when you take your pitcher to an instructor find out exactly what fundamentals they will be teaching and how will those fundamentals help make your child a better pitcher.

If they are teaching every pitcher the exact same thing then I promise you that the results you’ll get will not be what you thought you were paying for.

Every pitcher is different and every pitcher needs different training based on their individual skills.

Ask good specific questions about your child’s skill level and what is the specific plan to help your young pitcher reach their max potential.

If they can’t answer that… I wouldn’t pay them a dime.

And for any instructors that this makes mad, you are the problem, not the parent or pitcher.

Instructors, be honest about what your teaching and how it impacts their overall growth as a pitcher and you will be a huge asset for the young pitcher.

But if you’re just selling generic pitching lessons you won’t be in business for very long anyway.

Parents, you become a pitcher when you can combine the mental, emotional and physical skills together to get real hitters out in a real baseball game.

You must continue to learn and grow mentally and emotionally long after you master the physical skills to pitch.

Think it.  Believe it.  Do it.

Do you really want your child to be a generic, average pitcher?

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