It’s time for an honest, deep conversation about your fears…

Perfection is Roadblock to Progress Barrier Barricade Sign

Failure is such a huge part of baseball.

Every walk is a failure, every hit is a failure, every run you give up is a failure.

But that doesn’t make you a failure.

One pitch, one hit or one run given up does NOT make you a failure.

It just means that pitch didn’t work this time, time to do something different.

The pitcher that can make confident adjustments the quickest is always the most successful pitcher.

Does every hit you give up make you feel like failure?

Does every walk you give up make you feel like a failure?

What are you really afraid of?

  • Getting embarrassed
  • Letting your coaches and teammates down
  • Disappointing friends and family
  • Afraid you’ll be exposed as a Pitching Impostor


Until you can honestly answer that question you will never have the confidence be an elite pitcher.

It’s time to quit lying to yourself and dig deep into your hidden fears.

Confidence will only come when you can honestly acknowledge and face your fears.

And then put together a specific plan to overcome each fear.

Fear is not real until you give it life.

Are you giving life to your secret, hidden, unspoken pitching fears?


I promise you the answer is the missing link to YOU pitching with supreme confidence.


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