It’s simple…

Nasty Pitches wins games.

Every D-1 College Coach and Pro Scout is looking for 3 things with pitches.

It’s what I call The PVMC Formula.  Pitch Velocity, Movement and Command.

1.  Can you throw 90+ Mph Fastball?

Most elite D-1 College Coaches and Pro Scouts make no bones about it they want pitchers who throw 90+ mph fastballs.

The quickest way to get a College Scholarship or get Drafted to play Professional baseball is throw a 90 + mph fastball for strikes.

If you can throw it I guarantee they will come.

In spite of what the 75 – 80 mph pitchers and parents think, College Coaches and Pro Scouts love velocity.

If you have a great change-up to go with that 90+ fastball you get drafted early for a huge signing bonus.

Add a great curve ball or nasty slider and you’re a first round draft pick getting a 7 figure signing bonus.

2.  Can You make those pitches dance?

Movement of your pitches will be a major factor in your long-term success.

If you can make your pitches move in and out and up or down with good command the Pro Scouts will project you as a future star.

Good hitters will make adjustments from at-bat to at-bat.

So the more you can show different movement with your pitches the less comfortable they are hitting against you.

If you can consistently make hitters uncomfortable with nasty movement in and out of the strike zone the richer you will be and the contracts you sign will have a lot zeros in them.

3.  Can you throw it where you want to?

Have you ever heard the phrase, Location, Location, Location.

It’s use all the time by Real Estate Agents when the are selling properties in prime areas or cities.

It’s no different with pitching, Command is everything.

If you can locate 2-4 nasty pitches on a consistent basis (65 – to 70% of the time) you are going to be a very successful pitcher. 

Command comes from repeatable mechanics and a lot of focused practice.

That’s the 3 things that every College Coach and Pro Scout looks for in Pitches.

So let’s recap real quick The PVMC Formula.

  1. Pitch Velocity. How hard can you throw?
  2. Pitch Movement.  Can you make those pitches dance.
  3. Pitch Command.  Can you throw with pinpoint accuracy?

Don’t get overwhelmed if you can’t do any of that yet.

Every Major League Pitcher started where you are right now.

But here is what separates them from you.

They have a plan to master each aspect of pitching…

The Emotional Side, The Mental Side and The Physical Side of Pitching.

Next time I am going to tell you exactly how to become Million Dollar Pitcher.

So until then,

Keep Setting Crazy High Expectations and ignore all the haters, because every great pitcher has crazy high expectations.


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