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Baseball Coaches and Pro Baseball Scouts Love Aggressiveness

They are all looking for that attacking pitching personality.

Aggressive Pitchers…

  • Throw first pitch strikes
  • Pitch inside
  • Pounds the strike zone with authority
  • Work fast, keeps the fielders on their toes
  • Bounce off the mound fielding bunts
  • Bounce off the mound covering first
  • Backs up bases
  • Gets mentally over the last pitch and moves on
  • Refuses to ever give up
  • Pitches to the last out

Aggressiveness is more than a personality trait, it’s the way your play the game.

You don’t wait for things to happen, You make them happen.

Being aggressive on the pitcher’s mound will intimidate weak minded hitters.

  • They know you will pitch inside.
  • They know you will use the whole plate.
  • They know they can’t intimidate you
  • They know on every pitch you are going to compete
  • They know that you will throw any pitch any time
  • They never get comfortable

But you also need to know what aggressiveness is not

  • It’s not being out of control
  • It’s not taking high risk ,little reward chances
  • It’s not being an absolute $#@@! to your coach, teammates or umpires

Don’t get me wrong, you will make some mistakes.

But the mistakes you make will be trying to push yourself to limits of your pitching abilities.

Most coaches can live with that.

What’s awesome about aggressiveness is the fact that it can be a learned behavior.

Aggressiveness is a direct result of a confident pitcher that has done everything they could do to prepare to pitch.

The more you trust your coaches, your catcher and yourself the more aggressive you will be.

Make sure when the coaches or scouts are filling out their scouting report…

That Aggressive and Smart is what they say about YOU.



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