Don’t be afraid to listen to mom, she might just be right.

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Nobody in the world has more influence on young pitchers than their moms have.

And when it comes to wanting their child to be their best and reach their max potential there isn’t much a mom won’t do.

3 Reasons Why Moms Would Make Great Pitching Coaches.

1. Lack of Ego.

Kids come first, period.  Selfishness is not a trait that defines most moms.

They could teach all of us a thing or two about commitment, consistency and character.

Three traits that will help get her pitcher son noticed.

2.  Willingness to Listen and Learn.  

There is so much great information available to anyone who wants to learn about any aspect of pitching.

Believe it or not you don’t have to be a former professional baseball pitcher to be a pitching coach or instructor.

Some of the best coaches I ever had weren’t great pitchers.

But they were willing to listen, learn and teach me some life changing information.

If mom put her mind to it she could end being the best pitching instructor her son ever has.

3. Patience.

It takes time and extreme confidence to become a good baseball player.

Moms have the awesome ability to educate, encourage and empower their young pitcher better than anyone on earth.

That sounds a lot like the qualities my mom showed towards me.

It makes a huge difference having that kind of support.

The number one reason pitchers struggle is because of their lack of confidence.

Their confidence is a critical part of their belief system.

Moms have the power to hold their sons accountable while at the same time making them believe they can be anything they want to be.

That sounds exactly like the type of coach I would love to have teaching my kids about commitment and consistency.

I talk to a lot of parents about their pitcher sons every year and… moms ask some of the best questions about pitching that I get asked.

The best kept secret in baseball pitching instruction might just be one person that can make the biggest difference in any pitcher’s life.

Thanks, MOM.

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