2 Biggest Reasons Why Most Pitchers are Terrible.

  1. Pitching takes skill, and skill takes time and effort to develop.
  2. Pitching isn’t any fun until you become good at it.

How can we  fix it?

Pitching Skill.  Pitching is a learned skill that anyone can develop and get better at.

The problem that 99% of pitchers have is that they think it is a gift.

That you have to be a natural.  Playing sports does take some athletic ability, and a lot of young baseball players have that athletic ability.

They just don’t have the information and instruction of what to do and when to do it.

There is a ton of bad information out there in the baseball training and instruction world and I can see why a lot of coaches, parents and young pitchers would be confused.

There are 4 areas that you have to focus on and develop skill in if you want to be a great pitcher.

  • Pitching Mechanics
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Pitches and Bullpen Practicing
  • Game Day Preparation

Take the time to develop each one of those 4 key areas and I guarantee you will become a better pitcher.

Having Fun.  Pitching isn’t any fun until you are good at it.

Every pitcher I know goes through the doubt phase of learning how to pitch.

Please Hear This:  Every Pitcher is terrible as they are learning a new skill!

Whether you are developing new mechanics, trying to learn a new pitch or for the first time throw from the 60’6″ pitchers mound, everybody struggles.

I know I sure did.

I freaked out the first time I threw from the big mound when I was 13.  It seemed like I was pitching from second base.

I wondered if I was ever going to be able to throw a strike from that far.

But after a few weeks of consistent practice I built more confidence and began to have fun pitching from the Major League pitcher’s mound distance .

Having a consistent practice plan will help you have a lot more fun as you track the progress you are making towards becoming a great pitcher.

There are no overnight successes in the Pitching World.  

It takes years for a Major League pitcher to get to the Bigs.

If you truly want to be a great pitcher, then give yourself time to develop your skills.

Create a weekly skill development plan that you can have fun doing while learning new skills.

Then as the famous Nike line goes,  JUST DO IT.

Need Help?  Creating Weekly Pitching Plans Is what I do.

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