Could your coach tell a Pro Scout that you are a student of the game?

Every coach and scout I have ever met said this is one of the first things they look for in pitchers. They want to know if you are a student of the game.

Ask yourself…

  • Do you know why you throw your pitches or do you just throw what the catcher calls for?
  • Do you throw every pitch with a purpose?
  • Do you instinctively cover first base when the ball is hit towards first?
  • Do you know what bases to back up and when?
  • Do you know how to field a bunt and where to throw it?
  • Do you study the other teams hitters looking for weaknesses?
  • Do you have a pitching plan?

These are just a few of things that coaches and scouts are looking for when they watch you pitch.

There is more to pitching than just throwing hard.

Pitching is one of the most intellectually challenging positions in all of sports.

You have to be a talented and smart.  

You need to use every available tool possible to help you prepare to pitch.

Do You have?

  • A Pitching Coach?
  • A Video of Your Pitching Mechanics?
  • A Scouting Report of the teams you are pitching against?
  • Some one charting your pitches when you pitch?
  • A Strength and Conditioning Program?

All of these things are key to becoming the best pitcher you can be.

All of these things give you the ability to become a smarter, stronger and more intelligent pitcher.

If I sent a Pro Scout to come and watch you pitch, could he come back and tell me that you are a student of the game?

Don’t let your lack of pitching and baseball knowledge hold you back.

Do You Love Pitching?

Fall in Love with Baseball.  If you do, it will Love you back.


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