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The number one thing a Pro Scout looks for in a Pitcher is their upside.

What’s funny is if you ask a Coach, Parent, Pitcher or even a Pro Scouts what a “Pitcher’s Upside is”  you get a weird look and a few generic Pro Scout canned answers.

Nobody seems to know how to teach the upside. But they know what it looks like when they see it.

Or do they?

Pro Scouts make their evaluations on your current talent level and skills.  Then they take a wild guess at how your skills will project at the Major League level.

The truth is most evaluations is “wishful thinking” that decent pitching coach could make.

The fact of the matter is the whole Minor League Baseball system is insane.

Nobody else in the world could run a business like the Minor Leagues are run and not be bankrupt.

Most draft picks are nothing more than a particular team’s (MPT) “Minimum Pitching Talent” required to get drafted.

Most Major League Teams have no specific plan for 90% of the pitchers that they draft.   What other employer in the world could hire someone and then turn them loose on their own and expect them to learn how to make the company money on their own.

The truth is most Minor Leagues Coaches are storytellers, they tell some funny and sometimes crazy stories, but have no clue how to help a 19-year-old pitcher build the confidence they need to pitch today, never-mind in the big leagues 3 years from now.

They make these pitchers think that they ought to be thankful just to have an opportunity.

They don’t pay them much of anything.

Most college pitchers had a better food and nutrition plan at school than they do in the Minor Leagues.

What’s really crazy is that NO ONE says anything.

Well I’m here to help.

3 Things a Major League Baseball Team could do today that would make them Millions.

  1. Hire great baseball teachers as Minor League coaches.  The most important year of a Minor Leaguer’s career is the first year. That’s when the young pitcher will honestly decide if they will be able to mentally and emotionally make the adjustment to professional baseball.  Great teachers focus on individual personal development and that is exactly what most A-Ball level young pitchers need. A friend and a teacher.
  2. Create a Personal Development Plan for every pitcher.  Every pitcher in the Minor Leagues ought to have a personal pitching plan of what the Major League Team’s expectations are for them.  Plus they need a specific targeted long-term plan for what each pitcher would have to do to make it to the Major Leagues.  Every business has goals for every worker to be successful.  The crap-shoot that makes up Minor League Baseball is ridiculous. There is a better way to do it.
  3. Run Double AA and Triple AAA exactly like the Major League Team.  Everything they do should be just like the Major League Team.  The team culture, the pre-game preparation, nutrition and again a specific role for each pitcher.  If you want to have young pitchers step right in to the Major League environment then you must do everything you can to recreate it at the Double AA and Triple AAA level.

Every Double AA and Triple AAA pitcher that is Major League ready is worth their weight in gold.

This is not a bashing of Major League Baseball, it’s just a better way to run a Minor League system that I guarantee would turn out more Major League ready pitchers and save the Team Owners Millions of Dollars by actually getting at least some value out of every pitcher that is drafted or signed to play in their organization.

I guarantee you that if any Major League Team would implement just these 3 small changes it would make a huge impact on the short-term and long-term success.

If any Major League Team wants help just call and we can start tomorrow.

I have more ideas but I’m saving them for the phone call I’m sure is coming:)

One final tip.

Confidence is a learned, practiced choice that comes from faith and trust in your preparation and practice habits.  

Physical skills don’t build confidence they only confirm it.


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