Your Attitude is the key to your pitching future.

I haven’t met anyone in 25 + years that knew everything about pitching.  There are some who know more than others. There are some who claim to be experts.  There a few that actually do have a clue about what it takes to be a great pitcher.

I can promise you one thing that I don’t know everything about pitching, but I am willing to keep on learning.

How about YOU?

For over 20 years know I have been studying the mental side of pitching.  I believe it is the most misunderstood part of being a great pitcher.

The Number 1 factor in your pitching success will be your attitude.

Your attitude is more than just how you act.  It is how and why you do everything you do.

Your Attitude sets the tone for…

  1. Your Work Ethic
  2. Your Character
  3. Your Grades
  4. How well you listen
  5. How you treat your coaches
  6. How you treat your teammates
  7. How you treat the umpires
  8. How you treat the fans
  9. How you treat your parents
  10. How you will respond to the pressure

There is no bigger turnoff to coaches or pro scouts than a bad attitude.  If you can’t take coaching or constructive criticism very well then your chances for long term success is going to suffer greatly.

Coaches have to look at your character and attitude when they are making a decision about you making the team, offering you a scholarship and whether to draft you to play professional baseball.

No High School, College or Pro Team is going to want someone around who is going to be causing trouble all the time.

I don’t care how good you are, if you are a cancer to your team, it will come back to haunt you.

Baseball is the one sport where trust plays an intimate role in how successful you will be.

Have you ever had a teacher with a bad attitude?

Have you ever had a Coach with a bad attitude?

Have you ever had a teammate with a bad attitude?

How did they make you feel?  How well did you listen to them?

Did you dread the thought of going to their class or practice?

If you only learn one thing from me, let it be this.

Your attitude will be the single most important factor in your pitching career.

A Good Attitude will open doors.  A Bad Attitude will slam them shut.

If you live your life with a bad attitude it will not only ruin your baseball career, but it will also fill you with the one thing that life has no cure for, REGRET.

Make sure that your attitude is a gateway to success, not the pathway to failure.


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