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According to Websters Dictionary,

MOTIVATION is defined as “a motivating force, stimulus, or influence : incentive, drive”

It is the Heart and Soul of Success.  It begs the question…

Why do you want to be a great pitcher?

Stop and Think about it.  What would you write down?

  • Fame
  • Competition
  • Money
  • Winning
  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Coach
  • Scholarships
  • Girls

Maybe it’s a combination of all of the above or none of the above.  Maybe it’s something that you have never even thought about.

So, What is it?

Lets say that God has blessed you with some pitching talent. You are a good athlete.  You make good grades.

You are a good baseball pitcher.  But you want more.

What are you willing to do to be great?  

The legacy of some the greatest coaches ever was their ability to motivate players.  They were able to push and drive players to do things they never thought possible.  The players trusted them and would follow them into battle any day.

They also had another quality that set them apart.  

They got their players to buy into what it takes to be great.

If we were face to face right now, what would you tell me?

No one can tell you what it is.  No one can make you do anything great.

No one can define it , BUT YOU.

YOU are the only one who can search the depths of your soul to find your Motivation.

The great pitchers take their motivation and use it to mentally and physically prepare to be the best that they can be.

If you want to be great you have to find what motivates you and use it to…

  • Out work everybody else
  • Do things that others won’t do
  • Never settle for less than your best
  • Be Coachable
  • Make a plan
  • Set High Expectations
  • Always leave it on the field
  • Trust you preparation
  • Do Great Things

There is no magic potion for motivation. 

I know you can be great.

The Question is?  DO YOU?


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