Bad Pitching is all too familiar.

A control problem leads to lost confidence, which leads to more walks.

Poor pitch command leads your coach to use other pitchers, which of course leads to more pressure to perform, which continues the problem.

Then your coach freaks out because he’s stressed about your pitching abilities.

This lack of confidence undermines his belief in you, which of course makes you more stressed that he is starting to lose faith in you.

Now you are disheartened because of negative feedback from your coach, which leads to less effort, which of course leads to more negative feedback.

Most things that go wrong, go wrong slowly.

The answer isn’t to overreact and turn a temporary set back into a long-term problem.

The solution is to replace the negativity with a Track, Test and Tweak Mentality.

With the track, test and tweak mentality you learn how to track down the issue causing the problem.

Once you find it, you test what triggers it .

Then when you find the trigger you make small tweaks to whatever was causing the problem.

  • Is it a mechanics problem?
  • Is it a physical problem?
  • Is it a confidence problem?

This works great for pitchers and coaches that use video and chart all bullpen throwing sessions.

Pitchers and coaches that have no way of tracking what works and what doesn’t makes it more difficult to correct issues when they come up.

That is why I believe every bullpen throwing session should be charted and videotaped.

The only way to become a better pitcher is by having serious, highly focused bullpen and practice sessions.

By identifying problems and using bullpen sessions to correct them it gives you the opportunity to eliminate the negativity and rebuild trust in yourself.

The alternative, which is to rationalize and defend the negativity as a law of nature or permanent habit, is tragic.

Every problem has a solution.

The question is, are you using video and bullpen sessions to identify and correct your pitching flaws?

You should be.

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