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There is a huge difference between a Skill Instructor, Pitching Coach and Pitching Instructor.

Almost all baseball schools, pitching academy’s and online pitching programs are really skill programs.

What is an Skill Instructor?

Skill Instructors teach a specific motor skill to help you throw a baseball or field a baseball.

  • Pitching Mechanics is a set developed motor skills.
  • Strength and Conditioning is a set of developed motor skills.
  • Pitch Grips is a set of developed fine motor skills.
  • Fielding bunts is a practiced motor skill.
  • Pick-Off moves are a practiced motor skill.

Those are the Basic Fundamental Pitching Motor Skills.

Every Pitcher needs those skills, but those skills alone DOES NOT make you a pitcher.

What is a Pitching Coach?

A Pitching Coach manages a pitching staff throughout the preseason and during the regular season.

A Pitching Coach usually don’t have much time to work on the fundamentals of pitching.

A Pitching Coach is more focused on winning games and they should be.

They run the bullpen sessions and help prepare the game plan for that days opponent.

Most High School and Summer Ball Coaches fit into this category.

What is an Pitching Instructor?

A Pitching Instructor teaches you how to take all those developed skills and use them to pitch in a real baseball game.

A Pitching Instructor focuses a lot of their training in the off-season.

They specialize in helping young pitchers develop in every aspect of the game.

Such as…

  • How to be Committed to Greatness.
  • How to develop an Elite Pitcher’s Mindset.
  • How to develop their Belief System.
  • How to develop a Pre-Pitch Routine
  • How to develop a Pre Game Routine
  • How to develop a Post Game Routine
  • How to do a Post Game Evaluation
  • How to develop a Preseason Throwing Program
  • How to develop a In Season Throwing Program
  • How to develop an Off Season Throwing Program
  • How to Test ,Track and Chart everything, then Tweak as needed.

Pitching Coaches need you to win games, Skill Instructors don’t.

Skill Instructors take your raw ability and develop the basic skills needed to throw a baseball.

Pitching Coaches take the skills you have and need you to use them in a game.

Every month I hear from parents who have spent thousands of dollars on pitching lessons and/or online pitching gurus and wonder why their son is no better now than when he first started.

Because learning the basic skills is ONLY THE BEGINNING.

Yes every pitcher needs those basic fundamental skills, but that is only the beginning of learning what it takes to be a great pitcher.

Unfortunately, a lot skill instructors don’t tell the parents that.

If there is a specific skill you lack then Skill Instructors are great, just don’t confuse them as a Pitching Coach or Pitching Instructor.

Think about it this way.

If you were wanting to learn how to play golf where would you start?

You would have to learn how to grip the golf club, right.

That is a specific fine motor skill.

If all I specialize in is teaching you how to grip a golf club I am a Skill Instructor.

But if I am your Golf Coach I need you to play well today so we can win the match.

But if I am a Golf Instructor I need to teach you not only be able to grip the golf club, but I need to teach you the rules, how to be confident and mentally tough, how to develop a pre-swing routine, etc.

If all I taught you was how to grip the golf club and that is all you knew you wouldn’t be very good golfer would you?

The same goes for learning to pitch.  If all I taught you was pitch grips you wouldn’t be a very good pitcher would you?

But that is exactly what you get out of a lot of Skill Instructors.

They call themselves Pitching Coaches because the skill they are teaching is related to baseball pitchers, but in reality they are only skill instructors specializing in teaching one specific skill.

Skill Instructors are great when you are first starting out.

But if you want to develop into an elite pitcher you are going to need a Pitching Instructor.

Someone who has the ability to help pitchers develop the mental toughness to pitch under extreme pressure and love every minute of it.

Pitchers may need Skill Instructors, Pitching Coaches and Pitching Instructors to help them develop into a complete pitchers.

Over the next 4 weeks I am going to breakdown the 4 stages of training to become an elite pitcher and exactly what you need to do to develop pitchers through all 4 stages.

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P.S. It’s time for the Truth about Pitching.


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