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What an awesome World Series.  That was fun.

Now the questions begin.

Will Pujols re-sign with the Cards?

Where will Fielder end up?

Will C.C. Sabathia opt out of New York?

With all that is at stake, I don’t think Halloween is the scariest thing happening today.

There are some scary decisions that have to be made.

But what about you?  What are you up to this off season?

This is the time of the year where future superstars are made.

Do You…

  • Want to add 5 Mph to the fastball?
  • Want to get the attention of your favorite college coach?
  • Want to be a starter on the High School team?

The off season is where you build confidence.

Today’s pitchers are explosive athletes.  It amazes me what kind of physical condition that professional pitchers are in.

They are not strangers to the weight room.  They are not strangers to dynamic anaerobic workouts. They understand that pitching mechanics start with a strong, athletic foundation.

They also understand that all of this happens November through February. 

Don’t let March roll around and catch you unprepared.

If you are looking for a great off season workout check out Top Velocity.net.

If you want help putting together a plan, let me know how I can help.  Contact Me Here

I can’t wait to see which one of you is going to be the next Derek Holland.

I just hope you have better luck with your playoff mustache.


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