Baseball Season is less than 2 weeks away… ARE YOU READY?

Hopefully you have been throwing for at least a few weeks by now.

If you haven’t, Please take it slow, don’t ruin your whole career before it even gets started.

Now you finally get to throw some game speed pitches.  Try to throw  on Mondays and Fridays.

If you don’t feel like you have fully recovered on the Monday of week 8 just push back the bullpen until Tuesday and throw a bullpen every fourth day until the season starts.

Once the season starts the bullpens should be based on Your role and the Coach’s rotation.

Weeks 7 & 8

Monday-Friday Game Day Warm Up and Bullpen

Pre Game Flat Ground Warm Up

50 feet – 3 throws

60 feet – 3 throws

70 feet – 3 throws

80 feet- 3 throws

90 feet- 3 throws

100 feet- 3 throws

110/120 feet- 3 throws

100 feet- 3 throws

90 feet- 3 throws

80 feet- 3 throws

70 feet- 3 throws

60 feet- 3 throws

Bullpen / Pitching Mound  (35-40 pitches)

First 13 from stretch at about 60% working on mechanics and feel

5- Fastballs alternating both sides of plate

5-Change Ups alternating both sides of plate

3 Curves for strikes

 Next 10 pitches from wind up @ 75 % working the strike zone and finding feel

Fastball,Ch,FB,Ch, FB, Curve,Fb,Curve,Ch, and Fastball.

 The Last 12-17 pitches at Game speed.

Pitch the 1st inning of a game.  Either a Strike out or walk.  Focusing on 1st pitch strikes and location.

Tuesday– Light Catch 10 minutes at 50 -60 feet.

Wednesday– Long Toss Program 18 minutes.

Thursday– Play Catch 18 minutes.

Saturday– Light Catch 10 minutes 50- 60 feet.


Now that practice has begun keep throwing on the week 7 & 8 program for the season.

All throwing sessions should start with a Dynamic Stretching Warm Up Routine.

By the time the season begins you should be able to throw 75 to 90 pitches in a game.

Role and Rotation will determine throwing and bullpen sessions after the games begin.

Make sure you have proper rest and recovery in between starts.

Good Luck.  I hope You have a Championship Season.


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