The Official Countdown is on.

High School Baseball season is just a few weeks away.


The next couple of weeks we are going to keep the same throwing routine as the last couple of weeks, but we are going to start increasing the intensity of the Pitching Mound sessions.

For weeks 5 & 6 you need to start throwing your pitches at 70 to 80 % of full speed.

We are trying to fire back up the muscle memory and the proper mechanics you will need for weeks 7 & 8 when you will start throwing pitches at full speed.

As always be patient, make sure your are properly warming up before you throw and remember you warm up to throw, NOT throw to warm up.

It’s time to start getting serious.

What you do now could be the difference in making the team or getting cut.

Weeks 5 & 6

Monday- Wednesday – Friday  Pitching Mound or (week 2 Long Toss Program if no mound available)

Pitching Mound

Play Catch 10 minutes

50 feet – 5 minutes

60 feet-  5 minutes

Pitching Mound

All pitches from the stretch at 70 to 80% working grips, feel, arm slot and release point.

10 4 seam fastball

10 2 seam fastballs

10 change ups

Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday  Play Catch 18 minutes.  85 to 90 throws.

Focusing on Fastball/ Change Up Grips and Arm Slot

6 minutes at 40 feet

6 minutes 50 feet

6 minutes at 60 feet

Tryouts are just weeks away, What are you doing?


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