1 Week and Counting,   Are You Ready?

Don’t let YOUR opportunity get away.

Your life we be defined by how you take advantage of the opportunities you get.

Baseball will be no different.

  • Don’t be satisfied with just getting by.
  • Don’t be satisfied with just barely making the team.
  • Don’t be satisfied with being second best.

Your preparation (or Lack of) will provide every Coach with the insight they will need to decide if you make the team or not.

Excuses are for losers.

If you have already begun to make excuses while you are reading this…

then I don’t need to say anymore.

But I know that is not you!  

You have paid the price and you will reap the rewards.

I have never heard a Coach say that one of their players works too hard.

Yet many have kept players just on their work ethic alone.

Tryout’s are here.  Your time is now.

No Excuses…No Regrets  EVER


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