Project 365 #237: 250809 Fingers Crossed!

Do you know how to use visualization to become a better pitcher?

Visualization is NOT wishful thinking.

Visualization is the ability to pitch today’s game in your mind.

There are 3 keys to effectively using visualization. 

  1. Trust.  You have to be able to trust every aspect of pitching.  You have to trust your mechanics.  You have to trust your pitch grips. You must master the physical side of pitching.  There is no way you can mentally see what you need to do if you don’t know physically what you need to do.  Visualization is not day dreaming or wishful thinking.  You have to know what great mechanics feels like so you can rehearse it mentally.  You have to know what throwing a great fastball feels like to be able to practice it in your mind.
  2. A Pitching Plan.  You must have a defined pitching plan for each team and game.  If you prepare a plan for each hitter it gives your brain and body the ability to mentally see you making that pitch.  Having a defined pitching plan helps you mentally see and feel what it will be like to pitch to each hitter.  Look at it this way.  If you study for a test you are more likely to be successful than if you don’t.  Most people study for a test so they can mentally prepare to physically take the test.  Pitchers need to do the same for each team they are going to pitch against.
  3. Focus.  Your ability to block out all the distractions and focus on what the game plan for that day will be key.  The best pitchers are able to find their own mental zone and truly play the game in their mind.  Having the mental toughness to quiet your mind and truly be laser focused on today’s game will help you relax and give you the confidence that you have done everything you could to prepare both mentally and physically.

Visualization is a great tool to help you become a better pitcher.

Trust Your Mechanics.

Have a Pitching Plan.

Be Mentally Focused.

You will be amazed at the difference.  The game will slow down and become a lot less complicated.

Work on your visualization, there is nothing more powerful than seeing into the future.

What do you see?


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