Justin Verlander

Imitation might be the sincerest form of flattery, but it is ruining most young baseball pitchers.

Sorry guys, You are never going to be Justin Verlander or Clayton Kershaw.

Being a Verlander clone will not get you to the Major Leagues.

You can learn and model some of the traits Verlander or Kershaw have, but you will be missing the real secret to their success, Their Mindset.

What is a Major League Mindset.

Your Mindset is how you think, prepare, speak and act about your baseball career.

A Major League Mindset is how each individual Major League Pitcher thinks, prepares, speaks and acts about their baseball careers.

What kind of mindset do you currently have?

  • Little League
  • High School
  • College
  • Minor League
  • Major League

The 3 Keys to Identifying your Mindset.

1. I Can’t.  

If every time a coach or pitching instructor tells you to do something or try something and the first thought in your head is I can’t, then you have a Little League Mindset.  

If you are constantly telling yourself you’re not big enough, fast enough or smart enough.  That’s how most Little League Pitchers and a lot High School Pitchers think.

They are constantly comparing themselves to others, that alone is ruining Little League baseball.  

Parents and Coaches have to quit comparing 9 year olds to other 9 year olds.  

There isn’t any 9 year olds throwing from 46 feet going to the Big Leagues anytime soon.

Some boys develop later than other boys.  I guarantee you that will be the case in almost every young pitcher’s life.  

Give them time to learn and grow and then watch them take off. 

2. Should I?

That question alone is the cause of most High School and College Pitchers weak mindsets.  You can not base your baseball training and instruction on feeling.  

That quiet inner voice that’s telling you that you are not good enough.  You are not a natural.  You don’t know what to do.  That negative inner voice in your head Is a liar trying to instill fear and doubt to keep you from being great.

That negative inner voice that’s keeping you from being great can be stomped out of your head by taking action, developing positive training habits and focusing on being the best pitcher you can be.  Quit trying to be somebody you’re not.  If you just started there you would be miles ahead of most High School and College Pitchers.

3. I Will and How Do I Start

That’s what every coach and instructor loves to hear.  The Major League Mindset is the thoughts, preparation, positive self-talk and actions that almost every Major League Pitcher went through and continues to go through and develop to be able to handle the pressure of Pitching In the Major Leagues.

Your attitude and action towards doing what other pitchers won’t do as far commitment and training your mind, body and soul will be the key factor in how far your pitching career can go.

When you let go of your ego and let your mind take in good information and great instruction and then start implementing and practicing daily, I guarantee you will start to get better little by little everyday.

Major League Pitchers weren’t born that way.  They didn’t get to the Major Leagues by accident.  Every Millionaire Major League Pitcher has their own story and journey of what it took them to get there and every one of their journey’s is totally unique to them.

And every one of them started right where you are today.

You have to decide.

It’s either I Can’t, Should I? or I Will and How Do I Start.

Every Professional Pitcher I know and trained started at I Will and How Do I Start.

What about you?

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