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In baseball, everyone’s looking for a “pitching coach expert.”

Someone brilliant who will show them the all the little secrets, help them
avoid the pitfalls, and show them to how to train pitchers and do it without putting in the time they would otherwise need to be a great Coach.

You want to know something, I did too.

But guess what I discovered?

Continuing to learn and grow as a Coach is the greatest teacher.

Ask any serious Coach (not the wannabes who simply “dream”
about Coaching, but people actually Coaching) and they will likely
say the same thing.

For example, it helps identify you your weaknesses.

It forces you to face criticism and DEAL with it, so you continue to
grow and stay focused no matter what some loser who is
jealous or envious of you says or thinks.

Same with getting praise too.

When you WIN, people start praising you and giving you too much credit.

So you need to grow and stay focused through that, too.

As opposed to getting a huge ego like some Coaches.

You know the ones I’m talking about , those who win a few games with some great players that someone else trained and then spend all their time beating themselves on the chest about what a marvelous coaching job they did.

There are two ways to measure success as a pitching coach.

  1. Are your pitchers better pitchers because of having you as a Coach?
  2. Are your pitchers better people because of having you for a Coach?

Being a High School Baseball Coach isn’t always “easy.”

But, you are truly blessed, because a bad day Coaching is still a Million times better than a good day for most people.

High School Baseball season is right around the corner.

Pre-Season Throwing programs should be starting soon.

There’s nothing better than the sound of baseballs popping in the catcher’s mitt.

Why Do You love to Coach?



  • Curt Eurich January 18, 2013 at 8:27 am

    Good stuff, Darrell. Real good. Thank you.

    • Darrell Coulter January 18, 2013 at 1:16 pm


      Great to hear from you. Love the new stuff you are doing at mygamegrade.com. Can’t wait for baseball season

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