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Photo by: Gerald Brazell

Are You A Bulldog?

Most successful (and honest) pitchers will tell you that 90% of their success comes from their mental mindset, and that their athletic ability comes second.

All other things being equal, the pitcher with a better mental mindset makes a better pitches.

The same thing is true for baseball managers—if you have a better lineup you’re more likely to win the game.

And of course that’s true for dealing with the pressure it takes to pitch in the Major Leagues.

If this is all so obvious, why do we spend all our time trying to find cheap pitching programs that never focus on the mental side of pitching and then try to make them special through our magnificent athletic skills?

Why do we spend very little time on preparing, practicing, or seeking out repeatable mechanics and never do reach for the exceptional.

Our ego demands that we spend all day polishing the average instead of seeking out the exceptional.

Better to invest the time and money on special training and instruction and a specific action plan instead.

You can’t buy mental toughness, it will only comes from battling though adversity and never quitting.

The question is whether you are committed enough to battle through the adversity.

Are you all in?

And Yes I know it’s pug.

That’s my point.

Are you a Bulldog or just pretending you are?


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