Do You Know The Difference Between Pitching Knowledge, Pitching Skills and Pitching Talent?

I believe they’re all different, but many Coaches and Scouts disagree.

So let’s take a deeper look at all three.

Pitching Knowledge – Information and understanding about pitching.

Some claim the internet has ruined pitching.

There is so much information available through the internet that most people searching for pitching help don’t know where to start first.

So they Google the latest pitching buzz words and some guru has the perfect product for them with a 100% money back guarantee.

There is a ton of garbage being sold to parents who don’t have a clue what they are buying.

But the real problem is when all the bad information doesn’t work, a lot of credible pitching instructors teaching and selling good information get a bad rap.

Find a good, credible resource for your pitching information.  Pitchers shouldn’t be turned into a lab rat or a science experiment.

The fact is information might give you a head knowledge about pitching, but it doesn’t make you a pitcher.

Information is important, but only if you add hard work and dedication to the mix.

Pitching Skills – Something learned from pitching practice.

This is where you actually take all the knowledge about pitching you have learned and physically apply it to learning how to pitch.

Pitching Mechanics is a skill

Pitch grips is a skill

Pitching specific strength and conditioning is a skill

Skills can be learned by anyone.

Almost every pitching lesson and product is all about teaching and learning a skill.

Pitching Talent-The ability to use pitching knowledge and pitching skills in real baseball games. 

Talent is the ability to take all the knowledge and skills you have practiced and use them to compete at the highest levels of baseball.

Talent is what every Pro Scout and College Coach looks for.

Talent is what takes the most time to develop.

It’s not natural as many think.  It’s not luck or genetics as many think.

Talent is a recipe that is made up of a little God-given ability, Confidence, Mental Skills, Emotional Toughness, Commitment, Consistency and Competitiveness.

The elite pitchers have many, if not all, of the traits above.

Every other pitcher is stuck somewhere in between pitching knowledge and pitching skills.

So how do we know?

Unfortunately most pitchers waste the most critical development years bouncing around from Coach to Coach and never consistently practicing the pitching skills they ought to be learning.

That’s why you see so many physically gifted athletes pitching in high school and even some college games and they never get any better.

They always seem to make the same mistakes pitch after pitch, inning after inning and game after game.

Here’s how you know.

The pitcher that never gives up and continues to learn and grow will always be the best pitcher.

The pitcher that is committed, consistent, competitive, communicates well with others and has the character it takes to be a great person and teammate will always end up being the best pitcher.

The pitcher that continues to work hard even when he is not pitching well and sucks will always end up being the best pitcher.

The pitcher that has a Plan, Process and tracks his Progress will always end up being the best pitcher.

The real talent it takes to become a great pitcher is PATIENCE.

It’s a long journey to becoming a Smart, Skillful and Talented pitcher.

Are you willing to pay the price to be great?

Truth is… Only time will tell.


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