(This is the 1st in a 5 part series on what causes the majority of baseball pitching arm injuries.)

What do you think is the number 1 cause for most pitching arm injuries?

Poor Mechanics?  Poor Strength and Conditioning?  Overuse?  Overload?  No Real Pre-Season Throwing Program?

If you said all the above, You would be correct.

What is sad though is that there will be thousands of young pitchers hurt their arms this year.

What breaks my heart is that many of them could have been prevented.

So for the next few posts I am going to break down what I think are the 5 major causes for most injuries and what (we) coaches and pitchers have to do to stop the epidemic.

Number 1.  Poor Mechanics.

The problem?  There isn’t many pitching coaches that have a good understanding of how to teach pitching mechanics properly.

Most coaches who teach balance and throw truly don’t understand the physics of throwing a baseball.  It doesn’t have to be rocket science, but it does take a basic understanding of how the body creates and generates the force and power it takes to put the arm in proper throwing position.

Pitching mechanics starts with the feet uses the whole body to generate the force it takes to create the arm speed to throw a baseball at any velocity.

The pitcher’s physical athletic ability (motor skills) and strength and conditioning is about 50% of their pitching mechanics.

The other 50% is knowing how to take those abilities and tie them all together into a powerful, arm healthy pitching motion.

For years it was hard with the naked eye to see pitcher’s mechanical flaws.

But now with the advances in video technology we have some great pitching coaches using video to break down pitching mechanics to where now every pitcher and coach can get a fundamental understanding of what it takes to have arm healthy mechanics.

My personal mechanics pitching coach is Brent Porciau of Top Velocity.net .

He has taught me more about mechanics than any coach I ever had in Professional Baseball.

He has done hundreds of video analysis (Click Here to check them out).

Proper Pitching Mechanics isn’t tough to learn, but it takes time to master.

Pitchers and Coaches will have to make it a high priority and develop a year round plan if they are ever going to truly master them.

Will it be easy NO.

Can we do it YES.

Coaches we have to keep learning.  We have to use video.

We have to be able to teach young pitchers what it is going to take mentally and physically to be a great pitcher.

I know one thing.

If we all start learning and teaching proper pitching mechanics today.

There will be thousands of young pitchers who will never see the entrance to the operating room door tomorrow.


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