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What does it take to become an elite baseball pitcher?

Today I am going to break them down step by step so you will know exactly what you ought to be looking for in a great pitching program.

The 4 Stages of Becoming an Elite Pitcher

1. Commitment.  Sounds simple enough but are you really committed?

Let me break it down this way, Do You have the T.I.M.E.?

T is for Talent.  Do you have the athletic ability to learn the motor skills it takes to be a pitcher?

I is for Intent.  Do you show or have the intent to throw a baseball hard?  Being a great pitcher means being intentional.

M is for Mindset.  Why do you want to be a pitcher?  What do you want to accomplish as a pitcher?

E is for Expectations.  Are you willing to spend the energy and put in maximum effort to become a great pitcher?

Think about it.  A lot of pitchers and parents skip this stage and spend a lot of money on lessons and camps.  But without the commitment to being great everything you do is a waste of time and money.

2.  Skill Acquisition.  How to learn the basic fundamentals of Pitching.

This is the stage where 99% of all Baseball Schools, Online Pitching Instructors, Baseball camps and all other crazy training programs live.

What’s included in this stage is…

  • Learning Pitching Mechanics
  • Learning a Pitcher Specific Strength and Conditioning Program
  • Learning Pitch Grips
  • Learning the Rules of Pitching
  • Learning how to field your position as a pitcher
  • Learning Pick off moves, etc.

This stage is where most pitchers live and fail in.

But learning these basic skills alone, DOES NOT make you a pitcher.  

Please don’t fall for that.

There are some great skill instructors, such as my good friend Brent Porciau of 3X Pitching and Topvelocity.net, he adds a ton of value to his pitching clients.

But if you only complete his training program you will still only be half way to where you need to go if you want to be great pitcher.

You must graduate to the Maximum Potential Stage.

3. The Max-Po (Maximum Potential) Stage.  Mastering the Major League Mindset and Advanced Pitching Skills.

This is where throwers become pitchers.

At this stage you take your pitching knowledge to a whole new level.  The mental side of pitching becomes increasingly more important and you get a chance to see how good you can really be.

Let’s walk through the Max-Po Stage.

Developing Your Belief System.  The faith, trust and confidence you have in yourself will start to take shape here.

  • Faith is built on all the information you can gather about pitching.  What you learn and understand about pitching is what builds faith.
  • Trust is built on instruction and practice.  How you train and practice will help you turn your faith into trust.
  • Confidence is built on Faith and Trust.  Now that you have faith in your preparation and trust your practice now it’s time to build confidence in yourself by pitching in a real game.  Confidence comes from executing and performing up to your maximum potential.

Developing Your Preseason and In Season Throwing Programs.  

  • Understanding the P.V.M.C. Principle. Everything You do is all about Pitch Velocity, Movement and Command.
  • How to build a 4 Week and 6 Week Preseason Throwing Program.
  • How to maximize your In Season bullpen throwing sessions
  • Why you should chart every bullpen throwing session
  • How to use video analysis to fix mechanical flaws
  • Mastering the 3″T” Principle.  Test and Track Everything then Tweak as needed.
  • How to turn the bullpen throwing sessions into your own personal pitching laboratory.

Developing Your Routines.  How to create your Pre-Pitch Routine, Pre Game Routine and Post Game Routine.

  • How to build Your Pre-Pitch Routine.  All great pitchers have a pre-pitch routine they go through to help them pitch with confidence under extremely high pressure situations.
  • How to develop Your Pre Game Routine.  Your pregame routine is the key to mentally and physically preparing yourself to pitch in today’s game.  The more focused your pregame routine is, the more focused You will be.
  • How to develop Your Post Game Routine.  Your post game routine is important to your recovery from pitching that day and important for you to evaluate that day’s performance.  Also it gives you the ability to (Good or Bad performance) leave it at the park and let you get some rest and come back tomorrow ready to prepare for the next opponent.

Almost every pitcher that graduates from the Max-Po Stage has a chance to pitch at the Next Level.

So what is the Final Stage?

4.  Pitching Mastery Stage.  How far can your pitching career go?

Mastery takes you places that you would have never dreamed of.

It is the stage where all of your years of blood, sweat and tears come together.

When you reach this level of pitching you can realistically start thinking about college scholarships and professional baseball opportunities.

Mastery gives you the freedom to explore incredible baseball opportunities that few pitchers in the world ever get the chance to experience.

The feeling of accomplishment that you get at this stage is something that you could have never imagined, but the reality is greater than the dream.

The feeling of signing your first professional contract is absolutely amazing.

The feeling of throwing your first professional pitch, while trying to keep breathing, is mind-blowing.  Nothing beats it, Nothing!

It was 8 years from the time I threw my first pitch at 10 years old until I got drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies and signed my first professional contract.

When I was 10 nobody believed that a poor, rural Missouri country boy 8 years later would have full ride scholarship offers from hundreds of colleges and get drafted to play professional baseball just days after graduating High School.

But I Did.

I can remember when I was 9 years old listening to Jack Buck announcing the St. Louis Cardinals games and imagining him saying my name pitching for the St. Louis Cardinals.

I knew one day I would get the chance to play professional baseball.

I never made it to the Major Leagues.  Jack Buck never announced my name on the radio.

But the opportunities that playing baseball gave me far out weigh the fact that 18 I wasn’t mentally or physically ready for the business of baseball.

I wouldn’t trade my experiences of playing baseball for nothing, but I wish I would have known then, what I know now.

Every Pitcher who will to commit to Mastering these 4 Stages will have the opportunity to chase their dream.

Nobody believed I could, But I believe You can.

Ignore the haters and dream-killers.

Surround yourself with people who will hold you accountable and push you to achieve greatness.

The Dream is Yours and Only You can make it reality.

If Professional baseball is your dream…

What are you willing to do to make it reality?

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