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Who is the Most Mentally Tough Pitcher you know?

What traits do they have that makes them that way?

This is a question that I get all the time and of course I have my own special opinion.

I believe there is 3 key ingredients in Mentally Tough Pitchers.

  • Talent.  Talent makes up about 30% of the Mental Toughness Recipe. You know it takes a healthy dose of talent to be good at anything athletic, especially pitching.  But I do believe sometimes we give too much attention to an athlete’s God Given talent and not enough attention to what it really takes to be a great pitcher.  Physical talents will only take you so far.  If you want to be a great pitcher you have to understand that there are many aspects to being a talented pitcher.
  • Preparation.  Preparation makes up about 40% of the Mental Toughness Recipe.  Preparation builds confidence.  Confidence is the heart and soul of mentally tough pitchers.  Well prepared pitchers understand their abilities and how to use their strengths to be a dominate pitcher.  You need to have a defined set of routines and habits that will help you both physically and mentally prepare for every facet of pitching.
  • Competitiveness.  Competitiveness makes up the last 30% of the Mental Toughness Recipe.  “What do you have to do to win?”  To me that is the only definition of competitiveness you will ever need to know as a pitcher.  If you don’t know what it will take to win today’s game then you don’t have a chance.  Your competitiveness will actually drive the Talent and Preparation ingredients of the mental toughness recipe.  Without the competitive drive and work ethic to be the best you can be you will never fully reach your potential.

The recipe for pitching success sounds simple to make.

But the truth is there is no simple recipe or secret ingredient to being a great pitcher.

Pitching is nothing more than a series of 15 to 20 second decisions.

The preparation it takes to be an elite pitcher is a road that few pitchers want to take.

Yet, your preparation is what’s responsible for every decision you make during the course of a game.

You will become a Mentally Tough Pitcher when you decide to check your ego at the door and make the choice to become a pitching sponge and soak up all the pitching knowledge you can.

So what will it be?

Are you a Rock or a Sponge?

Is you head as hard as rock refusing to change…


Is your head like a sponge ready to soak in all the pitching wisdom you can find?

The sooner you decide…the sooner you can be great.

Choose Greatness today, I promise you will never regret it.



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