Every great pitcher started right where you are now.

They had a choice to make.

Commit to Greatness or Quit?

There are some common traits that you will find in all great pitchers.

At some point in their life they…

  • Had a Vision
  • Made a Decision
  • Took Action


Every great pitcher had a vision and dream of what they wanted to be.

They could see themselves standing on the mound in the 7th game of the World Series with the game on the line, staring in at the catcher, preparing to make the pitch that wins the World Series.

When they thought about pitching it gave them goose bumps, it made the hair stand up on the back of their necks and they had to be a Major League Pitcher.

They had a vision that It’s My Turn to Be Great.


Every Great pitcher made the decision to do what ever it takes to be different from average pitchers.

They decided they wanted to be the best, the hardest working and that they would do what others pitchers weren’t willing to do to be great.

They decided they would be smarter, stronger and mentally tougher than any opponent they would ever pitch against.

They decided that It’s My Time to Be Great.


No pitcher ever became great by accident or by doing nothing.

Every great pitcher took their written plan and brought it to life with Action.

They did something Mentally, Physically and Emotionally that made them better everyday.

They constantly told themselves It’s My Plan to be great.

So what does this mean for you?

  • You have to have a Vision.
  • You have to make a Decision.
  • You have to take Action.

You must demand from yourself that you don’t want to be average.

Quit worrying about what everybody else thinks.  Negativity is for losers.

Say it Out Loud.

It’s My Turn to be Great

It’s My Time to be Great

It’s My Plan to be Great

It’s My Choice and I Choose Greatness!

Your Vision and Your Decision will take Your Action to make Your dreams come true.

Great Pitchers are made in the Off Season.

What one thing can you improve this off-season that would change your life?

This upcoming off-season could be the one that makes you great.

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