Thank you for an unbelievable 2014.

Personally, my private consulting business is rocking and it’s all because of you.

Thank you to all the Parents and Coaches for all the great questions and feedback. Every time I speak to you I learn something new that makes me a better coach.

Thank you to all my Pitchers who are laser focused on just getting hitters out.

That’s what pitching is really all about.

Top 10 Predictions for Pitching in 2015.

  1. “Getting Hitters Out” will be the biggest focus of Pro Scouts while evaluating pitchers.
  2. Pitchers will actually learn how to pitch, not just physically look like one.
  3. Coaches will quit calling pitches or quit blaming pitchers when it doesn’t work.
  4. Pitchers will learn by practicing pitching not just talking about it.
  5. Self-Help Pitching Gurus will quit telling pitchers to relax and breathe.
  6. Pitchers will finally learn that just throwing 90 mph will not get you to the Major Leagues.
  7. Parents and Pitchers will learn that learning how to fail is critical to learning how to pitch.
  8. Baseball Coaches will secretly admit they don’t care how you train if you consistently get hitters out.
  9. Parents will learn Pitching Training Aids and Pitching Lessons don’t work if your son doesn’t believe in them or know how to implement all the information.
  10. Cookie Cutter Pitching Instructors and Story Teller Pitching Instructors will quit stealing parents money by selling them garbage and then blaming their son’s lack of talent when it doesn’t work.

If just one of those predictions would come true the game of baseball would change forever.

If any of those 10 predictions makes you think, then good that’s what it’s supposed to do.

Every pitcher is different, that’s just how God made us.

Every pitcher must believe that they have the unique ability to get hitters out in a real game.

Do pitchers need to train hard?  Yes.

Do pitchers need good mechanics? Yes.

Do pitchers need to be mentally prepared and emotionally strong? Yes.

But if a pitcher doesn’t understand what pitching is really all about, none of that matters.

Education.   Energy.   Effort.    Experience.

If we make that our New Years Resolution for 2015, I promise you next year at this time we will all be a better Pitcher or Parent or Coach and Person.

Here’s to making 2015 the best year ever!

Thanks Again and Happy New Year,



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