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Beyond The Fundamentals of Pitching

Why do pitchers reach a certain point and then not get any better?   Almost every pitcher training aid and pitcher training program taught or sold focuses on the basic fundamentals of pitching. So naturally the young athletes with the most natural, physical ability seem to be more inclined to becoming a pitcher. I get […]


What’s Wrong With The Minor League Baseball System?

                    The number one thing a Pro Scout looks for in a Pitcher is their upside. What’s funny is if you ask a Coach, Parent, Pitcher or even a Pro Scouts what a “Pitcher’s Upside is”  you get a weird look and a few generic Pro […]


Do You Have The Personality That Pro Scouts Look For In Pitchers?

3 Types of Pitching Personalities (Mental Makeups)… that Pro Scouts see when scouting pitchers. “The Leader” Traits Pro Scouts like about The Leader Pitcher: Confident Desire to win Competitive No excuses Never quit or give up Traits Pro Scouts are afraid of in The Leader Pitcher: Thinks everyone should be like them Not coach-able or […]