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Quit Asking for Permission to be a Great Pitcher

There are 4 traits that define all great pitchers. Talent:  I know, thank you Captain Obvious.  But talent is more than just natural God-given ability.  True talent is when you take your God-given abilities and combine them with intense preparation to become a dominating pitcher.  90 Mph fastballs are awesome, but they are useless if you […]


The 5 Major Causes of Pitching Arm Injuries

(This is the 1st in a 5 part series on what causes the majority of baseball pitching arm injuries.) What do you think is the number 1 cause for most pitching arm injuries? Poor Mechanics?  Poor Strength and Conditioning?  Overuse?  Overload?  No Real Pre-Season Throwing Program? If you said all the above, You would be […]