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Do You Want To Pitch Like Madison Bumgarner?

Pitching seems so easy watching Madison Bumgarner do his thing from the comfort of your living room couch. When you watch him, you can’t help but think, why not me. I have talent, I throw pretty hard, if I only knew what he knows. He must have a secret. But the real issue is, not […]


The Truth About Pitching In The Minor Leagues

There has been a lot written lately about the treatment and the pay of Minor League Baseball Players. Let’s be totally honest, for years the Minor Leagues has been the black eye of professional baseball. Yet people on both sides refuse to do what it’s going to take to make it better. Earlier this year […]


What’s Wrong With The Minor League Baseball System?

                    The number one thing a Pro Scout looks for in a Pitcher is their upside. What’s funny is if you ask a Coach, Parent, Pitcher or even a Pro Scouts what a “Pitcher’s Upside is”  you get a weird look and a few generic Pro […]