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Do You Have The Personality That Pro Scouts Look For In Pitchers?

3 Types of Pitching Personalities (Mental Makeups)… that Pro Scouts see when scouting pitchers. “The Leader” Traits Pro Scouts like about The Leader Pitcher: Confident Desire to win Competitive No excuses Never quit or give up Traits Pro Scouts are afraid of in The Leader Pitcher: Thinks everyone should be like them Not coach-able or […]


The 3 Key Ingredients to Mentally Tough Pitchers.

Who is the Most Mentally Tough Pitcher you know? What traits do they have that makes them that way? This is a question that I get all the time and of course I have my own special opinion. I believe there is 3 key ingredients in Mentally Tough Pitchers. Talent.  Talent makes up about 30% […]