21st Century Technology is changing pitching forever.

Do you video your pitchers?

Do you chart your pitchers?

Do you have your pitchers on a year round pitching program?

Think about it.

The fastest route to success is knowledge and work ethic.

We want our pitchers committed.

But the real question is are we?

Time for a new attitude

Hey I am as guilty as any of you.

Video made me a believer.

We could finally see in slow motion what the naked eye could never see.

I thought I knew a lot about pitching until the 21st century caught up with me.

For the last 2 years I have been studying every pitching video I had time to watch.

You can break pitching mechanics down at 60 frames per second and see things no scout could see from behind home plate.

It’s time that we lose the ego.

There are some fantastic pitching coaches doing some awesome things with video that every coach and pitcher could learn from.

What tools are you using to take your pitchers from the Stone Ages to the 21st Century?

I officially left the stone age 2 years ago myself.

How about YOU?

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