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Everybody loves a challenge, Right?

Well I was given one that I couldn’t resist.

Some well-meaning, but yet misinformed pitching coaches don’t think that today’s High School Pitchers care enough about the game.  They don’t believe that we can breathe fresh life into what some think are old, stale pitching ideas and coaching.

I for one think that we don’t spend enough time with these pitchers on the little nuances of pitching. I believe that if we as coaches dedicated more time to the Art of Pitching then more of these young High School Pitchers would learn and understand the fine aspects of pitching and what it takes to be great.

So I am turning Pitching into a Missouri High School Pitching Case Study.

Since I am from Missouri and have the most contact with Missouri High School Pitchers I am going to target Missouri High School Pitchers.

I am going to reach out to every High School Coach to help  me create the Missouri High School Pitching Network.  We are going to focus on what it takes to be a great High School Pitcher in Missouri.

We are going to focus on every aspect of pitching, academics and personal responsibility.

So here we go.  The challenge has been made and I am to competitive to walk away.

I know it won’t be easy.

I know it won’t happen overnight.

Changing Bad Habits will take time.

But, together we can breathe fresh life back into Missouri High School Baseball.

We can teach pitchers how to pitch.

We can help prevent arm injuries from happening.

We can send more Missouri Pitchers to college on scholarships.

If You are a Missouri High School Pitcher, Coach or Parent…

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  • Don Ervin November 29, 2011 at 7:38 pm

    Hey Darrell,
    You have a great idea and as mine are your intentions and personal interest are unequaled as a teacher of the finer points of baseball , I do not know whether you have noticed or not but simply put, high school baseball coaches as a whole are not keen students of the game of baseball which is what it takes to be an experienced, knowledgeable and capable “TEACHER” of individual player skills and team fundamentals, especially pitching. I also notice this problem in the college ranks.I coach in our summer college and in our high school fall leagues plus viewing many games of various teams and I see the same basic type of inadequate game play and I think to myself what has happened to the players abilities nowadays to play a good game of fundamental baseball? My answer to those thoughts are. they are not being taught how to and what it takes to play a good game of baseball, #2. players are being coached by ex, whatever, coaches who have played for coaches who have not taught them how to play a good game of baseball, so how can these coaches teach their students how to do so? I had an umpire who does some coaching tell me that school ball coaches have no time to do much teaching, which is bull crap, due to the fact that they had to spend time on getting their” systems? in order, how can they expect their players to be on top of their game if their individual skills are inferior? They are putting the wagon before the horse which is the easy way out, not being “TEACHERS” leaves them with the option to just sluff “TEACHING” off. and the players are suffering the consequences especially aspiring young pitchers, of never getting to be the best that they can be. I have one tunnel netting and as as soon as I can find an area inside reasonable enough for me to be able to afford I am going to set it up and work on getting some lessons set up. I have some serious thoughts brewing up in my mind to organize some awareness sessions on chronic sore arm problems and surgeries, the reasons they occur and how to virtually prevent them. getting enough of the right people interested in this particular area of the body would be very nice.
    Good luck with your project
    Nuff Said.
    Don Ervin

    • Darrell Coulter November 30, 2011 at 9:06 pm


      I look forward to the conversation. If there is anything I can do to help please let me know. It is important that those of us that can help do it. There a lot of arm injuries that could be prevented with just having a proper preseason throwing program alone. Now if we take into account all the real factors in arm injuries Poor mechanics, Overuse, lack of strength and conditioning, most of these issues are preventable. We just need to be a lot louder in opposition to poor teaching and coaching.

      Keep up the good work. Those who really want help will listen. I will never quit trying to learn and teach.

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