You have to throw strikes, right.  Well Stop!

I want you to quit trying to throw strikes.  You will never consistently throw strikes until you understand what it takes to be a great pitcher.

When you were a baby you first did what?

  1. You learned how to crawl.  Yep you have to learn how to crawl before you can walk.  It is the same with pitching. You need to learn the mental aspects of pitching first.  You need to know that Location, Changing Speeds and Movement is the key to ever being a successful pitcher.
  2. You learned how to walk.  It’s the same with pitching.  You must now understand the mechanics of pitching.  Pitching mechanics is the foundation of the physical side of pitching.  If you don’t know what pitching mechanics are and how they impact the whole act of pitching, you are doomed for failure.
  3. You learned how to run.  Now that you understand the mental side of pitching and you have great pitching mechanics you can take your talent and run.  You can now focus on what it takes to be a great pitcher.  You can learn more pitches, work on your mental toughness and play baseball at an elite level.

Elite Pitching is the Art of mentally and physically executing pitches in big games under extreme pressure.

You can be an elite pitcher if you want to put the time into becoming a student of the game.

  • Are You a mentally strong pitcher?
  • Do You have Good Pitching Mechanics?
  • Can You execute great pitches under pressure?

Find your weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

Don’t Get Left Behind.

Do Something Great Today.

P.S. Now you can start throwing strikes again.


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