Over the last year I have worked with over 200 Pitchers and Coaches through Pitching Habits.com to develop Preseason and In Season Throwing Programs.

It has been an amazing experience getting to know all of you.

The one problem I have had is trying to help everyone individually.

For some reason 24 hours a day don’t seem to be enough time for me. (LOL.)

So I set out to create an online tool that would give Pitchers and Coaches what they need and also give me the opportunity to help more .

I took everything you told me you wanted and created Your Next Pitch.com

What You get with “Your Next Pitch.”

Online Pitcher Assessment /Scouting Report Chart.
      To Identify Pitcher’s Strength’s and Weaknesses

Online 4 Week Preseason Throwing Program.
      To Get Your Pitcher’s Arms Ready for the Season

Create and Print Custom Bullpen Charts Online.
      To Have Highly Focused Pitching Practice

Record and Track Progress of Every Bullpen Session.
      Get Instant Feedback, Make Quicker Adjustments

Private Support Forum (Members Only)

Simple to Use and Easy to Get Started.

We have created 2 Free Forever Memberships for Pitchers and Coaches.

YNP Pitcher-Free (1) Pitcher Membership

YNP Coach-Free (5) Pitcher Coach’s Membership

Your Next Pitch is a simple, easy to use set of unique practice tools and charts that will help pitchers and coaches have laser focused practice bullpen throwing sessions.

Every great Pitcher and Coach knows that your play like you practice.

Your Next Pitch helps pitchers develop confidence and build trust by recording and tracking every bullpen pitching practice session.

Pitchers learn that if they can throw Great Pitches in practice, then they can throw Great Pitches in a game.

Almost Every Major League Pitcher has highly focused bullpens practice throwing sessions.

Now You can too.

I am launching this to my Pitching Habits.com subscribers only.

I need your honest feedback and any ideas to make it even better.

Your Next Pitch is only here because of YOU.

Check out Your Next Pitch today. Your Next Pitch.com

P.S. It is super easy to register and get started immediately.

P.S.S. I promise you have never used anything like this before.


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