Rainy Day Inspiration :: You Must Believe In Yourself!

The Best Pitchers in Baseball Trust Their Stuff.  How about YOU?

I tell pitchers and coaches all the time that I would rather have a less physically talented pitcher that knew what he could do, than a more physically talented pitcher who hasn’t got a clue to what they are capable of doing.

If you are a Coach or Pitcher ask yourself…

  1. Do I trust my talent?
  2. Do I trust my coach/pitcher?
  3. Do I trust my work ethic?
  4. Do I trust my mental preparation?
  5. Do I trust my catcher?
  6. Do I trust my mechanics/or the ability to teach them.
  7. Do I trust my Scouting Report?
  8. Do I trust my Game day pitching plan?
  9. Do I trust my pregame routine?
  10. Do I trust my mental toughness to battle through adversity?

If you are looking for the magic formula to confidence here it is.

Trust + Success = Confidence.

I know that sounds too simple.  Don’t let the simplicity fool you.

It takes a dedicated total pitching program and plan to achieve that kind confidence.

It will not happen over night.

You have to buy in to wanting to be the best pitcher or pitching coach you can possibly be.

Most pitchers and coaches fail because they don’t have a program or a plan.

They become a victim to pitching misinformation overload, they try anything that seems to makes sense, even if they don’t understand it.

You will never trust anything that You don’t understand.  I don’t care who is teaching it.

Trust comes from knowing exactly what YOU need to do to be successful.  Then taking that knowledge and successfully using it in a real game.

Trust is the end result of you following your plan and program.

Without a plan or a program you will never trust yourself or your preparation.

I believe there is 5 Phases to a Total Pitching Program.

The 5 Phases of a Professional Pitching Plan.

Phase 1: Your Pitching Personality
  1. Your Pitching Personality Profile
  2. Who’s in Control
  3. Trust + Success = Confidence
  4. Positive Mental and Physical Triggers
  5. Negative Mental and Physical Triggers
  6. Master Pitch Triggers
  7. Health and Nutrition

Phase 2: Your Practice Routine.

  1. Strength and Conditioning
  2. Pitching Mechanics
  3. Preseason Throwing Program
  4. In Season Throwing Program
  5. Off Season Recovery and Strength & Conditioning

Phase 3:  Your Pregame Routine

  1. Mentally and Physically Checking In
  2. Your Controlled Environment
  3. Scouting Reports and Pitching Plans
  4. Pregame Running and Stretching Routine
  5. Flat Ground Warm Up Throws (How many and How Far)
  6. Bullpen Mound Warm Up Throws and Pitches (How Many & Focus)
  7. Field Mound Warm Up Pitches ( How Many & Focus)

Phase 4:  Pitching Mound Routine, Your Pitching Game FACE.

  1. Focus & Controlled Breathing
  2. Attention to Detail (Play in the Moment)
  3. Commitment and Confidence in the pitch
  4. Execute the Pitch (Pull the Trigger)
  5. Eject, Reload and Fire Again

Phase 5:  Post-Game Evaluation and Recovery

  1. Ice and Recovery
  2. Post-Game Evaluation
  3. Mentally and Physically Check Out

Trust comes from Your dedication, determination and the desire to be the absolute best pitcher you can be.

How much do you trust YOUR stuff?

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