The Wizard

Have You Found it?

If you have a magic wand lying around now is the time to get it out.

3 Magical Traits of Dominating Pitchers.

  1. They learn what pitching is.  They don’t look for the easy way out.  They understand that hard work comes long before success.  They understand that what they learn translates into how they will perform.
  2. They Practice, Practice and then Practice some more.  Most pitchers don’t practice or throw enough.  Somebody asked me the other day how they could learn to throw a slider, I told them the best way to learn how to throw a slider is by throwing a bunch of bad sliders.  You don’t become great by accident. Develop good practice habits and you will never regret working hard.
  3. They Perform.  The game is showtime.  If you don’t have a burning desire to coach or pitch in the championship game you will always just settle for second place.  Dominating pitchers know that the game goes through them and they love the challenge and the competition.

The Real Magic Formula takes a lot of hard work, dedication and accountability.

If you want to be successful, focus on things you can control.

If you want to successful, learn what pitching really is, not what you want it to be.

If you want to be successful, figure out why you want to be great, then don’t let anything stop you.

Fear and Doubt are dream killers.  Negative people are dream killers.  Bad Attitudes are dream killers.

There is a Magic Formula…

It comes from deep within your soul.

Don’t let anyone or anything kill your dream.

The off-season is where pitchers are made and the magic comes to life.

What are You going to do?


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