Execute Your Pitches With “Absolute Certainty”

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Darrell Coulter

I’m on a personal mission to rescue the Millennial Generation’s Pitchers from the Stone Age Pitching Coaches and Stone Age Pitching Philosophies that they are being forced to believe.

You and the rest of the Modern World don’t need another pitching tool salesman.

Tools don’t make you a carpenter and pitching tools, gimmicks and generic one-size-fits-all pitching programs don’t make you a pitcher.

I personally pitched in the Stone Ages / Minor Leagues for 4 years with the Phillies from 1986 through 1989.

Unfortunately, 99% of what I was taught in the 80’s has been widely dismissed today as an ineffective way to develop pitchers.   I couldn’t agree more.

But the problem is…

The Stone Age Coaches and Philosophies are still running the highest levels of baseball.

They’re stuck in the past and are still using the same pitcher training methods, conditioning and generic pitching ideas that most of today’s young pitchers know DON’T work.

So I have spent the last 6+ years focused on studying the individual development of the Minor League Pitcher.

  • I have spent at least 5,000 hours researching why  1st, 2nd and 3rd round pitchers don’t make it to the Major Leagues.
  • Used over (50) 1, 3 and 5 subject notebooks to take over 10,000 handwritten notes.
  • Spent well over $10,000 on products, camps, tactics, online program, gimmicks, tools and many other bogus pitcher development ideas and resources
  • Read 42 books on mental skill development, psychology, mental side of pitching, the brain, influence, personal development, marketing, copywriting and many other resources that I thought could impact how we develop the individual Minor League Pitcher.

Starting in 2018 start executing pitches and getting hitters out with “Absolute Certainty”.

If you’re afraid that you have Fred Flintstone as your Pitching Coach…

Help is on the way.

Stay Tuned!