Yogi Berra once famously said, “All pitchers are liars or crybabies”

Now I have no idea what Yogi meant, as far as that goes he probably didn’t know what he meant.

But as with all of Yogi’s famous quotes there is always a hint of wisdom buried in there somewhere.

There is nothing that drives coaches crazier than pitchers that have an excuse for everything that goes wrong.

I for one despise excuses.

There is no place in pitching for excuses.

Pitching is too hard in itself for you to already have a built reason for not having success.

Are you guilty?

Do you already have an excuse for…

  • Not throwing hard
  • Not working out
  • Having a bad attitude
  • Not listening to your coaches

Are you starting to get the point.  I could go on forever but I won’t.

Now that the off season is upon us what are you going to do?

  • Are you going to add 5 mph to your fastball this off season?
  • Are you going to work on the off speed pitch that you have been desperately needing?
  • Are you going to work on the mental discipline and mental toughness it is going to take to become an elite pitcher?

All winter long you will have choices and chances to do something that will help you become a better pitcher.

So when baseball season rolls back around are you going to be a Liar or a Crybaby?


Are you going to be the Dominating Pitcher You have always wanted to be?


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