Why Do You Want to be a Pitcher?  What Motivates YOU?

Pitching Habits.com is a Free Online Magazine dedicated to the Mental Side of Baseball Pitching.

Our Mission is to help every high school and college pitcher play at the highest level possible and MAXIMIZE their opportunity to achieve their dream of playing Professional Baseball.

It’s time for Real 21st Century Pitching advice with an Old School Attitude.

Learn what You need to know to Pitch Like a Pro.

  1. The Mental Side of Pitching
  2. Ground Up, Arm Healthy Pitching Mechanics
  3. A Real Strength and Conditioning Program
  4. A Total Professional Pitching Program

There is No shortcut.

There is No easy way.

You can’t buy Work Ethic.

If you have the Heart, Talent and Work Ethic…

YOU can learn the Mental Side of Pitching.

  • Find out what Your Pitching Personality is
  • Learn how to create Your Personal Practice Plan
  • Learn how to create Your Pregame Routine
  • Learn how to create Your Pitching Mound Routine
  • Learn how to create Your Post Game Routine.

Let’s Get Started.

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