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Wishful Thinking is not a Pitching Strategy.

But unfortunately for most pitchers this is exactly their game plan.

In this article I am going to give you 3 reasons why coaches should chart every pitcher’s bullpens.

1.  Competitive Bullpens

If you want to replicate game like situations then you must try to make every bullpen practice session as focused as game day.

You can do that by creating bullpens charts for every pitcher and tracking every pitch they throw by pitch, intended location and then where they actually threw the pitch.

By charting every pitch it makes sure the pitcher throws every pitch with a purpose.

Plus it helps coaches identify any issues the pitcher might be having mechanically.

2.  Belief System

It takes extreme faith, trust and confidence to pitch at a high level.  The ONLY way a pitcher gets that is by preparation, practice and pitching.

Pitching is a fine motor skill athletic activity.

The best way to master the emotional and mental side of pitching is by making practice as close to game like as you can.  That’s how pitchers start to build their faith, trust and confidence in themselves and the coaching staff.

3.  T.I.M.E

Talent– Athletic ability is awesome, but pitchers aren’t born that way. Pitching is a learned from practicing.

Intentional– Everything a pitcher does must be intentional and with a purpose.

Mindset– Pitching is a high pressure baseball position.  Emotional and Mental strength comes from focused practice that leads to confidence.

Expectations– The higher the expectation the more focus it takes.  Winners and Champions have high expectations.  They want to be great and work hard everyday to make sure they reach those expectations.

The only way any successful athlete or baseball pitcher has long-term success is by practicing.

It’s time to get off the couch and stop wishing and start doing.

If you want to learn more about how to throw focused bullpens and how to chart and track every pitch check out YourNextPitch.com.

Your road to pitching success is paved with focused bullpens.

Don’t waste another day.


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