Wacha Mania is Sweeping Cardinal Nation.

Being from the St. Louis Area it has been a real treat to get to watch Michael Wacha pitch.

But being the instructor I am, I can’t help but want to breakdown why I believe he can be so dominate at such a young age.

Yes talent has a lot to do with it, but all Major League Pitchers are talented.

So let’s take a deeper look into why Michael Wacha is so successful.

The 5 C’s of Michael Wacha

Commitment:  To be an elite Major League Pitcher you must be committed to short-term and long-term success.  To accomplish that you must be Talented, Intentional, have a Major League Mindset and set extremely high, but achievable Expectations.

Courage:  Early into his professional career Michael was indoctrinated into the Cardinal Way of doing things.  It takes courage to put yourself out there for the whole world to pick you a part and judge.  To be a great pitcher you can’t worry or focus on negative people and haters. If you have character, integrity and courage then you will never be a failure.

Coach-able:  Every time you hear Michael speak he talks about Yadier Molina, Chris Carpenter, Adam Wainwright and the Cardinals Coaching staff.  He listens and takes action on what he needs to do to be successful.

He has a dedicated and practiced Pregame, Pre-Pitch and Post Game Routine.  He doesn’t take constructive criticism personally. If you want to be great, you can’t do it alone.

Competitive:  I am not talking about loving to win.  Everybody loves to win.  I am talking about hating to lose, and yes there is a difference. Hating to lose focuses on the things that are in your control.  When things get hard or you don’t have your best stuff that day you don’t quit or make excuses.

You battle and find a way to keep your team in the game.  When things get tough, you don’t quit you dig deeper.

Confidence:  Your belief system will play a huge part in your long-term success as a pitcher.  Confidence is a learned, practiced behavior that comes from preparation, practice habits and performing in real baseball games.

Michael Wacha’s confidence comes from Faith in his self, Trust in his practice habits and teammates and the belief that he can pitch under extreme pressure in the most important games of his life.  That doesn’t come naturally to most pitchers.  It takes years of hard work, dedication and never quitting.

Michael Wacha isn’t an overnight success even though of you many of you may have never heard of him before this playoff run.

His success started long before the spotlight of the Major League Playoffs.  

It started with the first pitch he ever threw and all the many trials, setbacks and losses he battled through and never gave up.

He started where many of you are today.

Commitment, Skills, Mindset and Mastery.

That’s what makes Michael Wacha stand out from the average pitcher.

College Coaches and Pro Scouts don’t want Average Pitchers.

What are you willing to do to be different from the average pitcher? 

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