What is the mental side of pitching?

That is a question that seems to baffle many pitchers and pitching coaches.

Let me give you some free (worth at least a Million Dollars) advice.

ANYTHING that has to do with Pitching is the Mental Side.

Every aspect of pitching starts with the mental understanding of what it is going to take to be a successful pitcher.

The truth is, it is the lack of understanding of what it takes to prepare to be a great pitcher is where most young pitchers fail.

That is why good pitching coaches are hard to find.

If you are paying for pitching lessons you should at least get the following from a credible coach.

  1. A Pitching Plan.  Just because they were a good pitcher doesn’t mean they know how to teach it.
  2. A Mental Approach/Personality Profile.  Every good College coach and Pro Scouts will create one on you.  You need to understand what they are looking for and ideas on how you can strengthen your weaknesses.
  3. Powerful Ground up Pitching Mechanics.  If they aren’t teaching total body pitching mechanics run as fast as you can.  All Arm means Arm Injuries.
  4. A year round Strength and Conditioning program.  That means Preseason, In season and Off Season.

These are just a few of the basics of what it takes to be a pitcher.

So the question always comes back to where do I start?

You have to understand why You want to be great.

What makes you a great competitor?

  • Do You Really Want to be a Great Pitcher?
  • Are You willing to do whatever it takes to be a Great Pitcher?
  • Will You trust your preparation enough to be a Great Pitcher?

If you can look yourself in the Mirror and commit to these 3 principles…

Then You are Mentally ready to start.

If You Can’t,  Well that is why they sell tickets to Major Leagues Games.

They call us, Fans.

Do You Have What it Takes?



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