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Do you have the qualities that pitchers are looking for in a Pitching Coach?

  • Will you be a good leader?
  • Can they trust you?
  • Will you have patience with them?
  • Can you motivate them?
  • Do you have a passion for pitching?
  • Are you respectful?
  • Do you have strong character?
  • Can you inspire hope, faith and belief?
  • Do you have a good work ethic?
  • You can never quit on them.
  • Are you a coach that stands up for them?
  • Can you help them reach their dreams?
  • Do you have a program, plan and/or system for them?

A Coach can have a powerful impact on a young pitcher’s development and career if the pitcher trusts you.

10 Important Focus Points

  1. Learning to be a great pitcher or pitching coach doesn’t happen overnight.
  2. Learn pitching principles and fundamental pitching mechanics.
  3. Take ownership of your coaching career.
  4. Keep it simple.
  5. Too many pitching coaches and pitching gurus are killing these pitchers with information overload.
  6. Create a plan to introduce information in learn-able stages so the pitcher will be able to…Learn it, Practice it and then Perform it.
  7. Don’t get caught up in mindless debate about pitching philosophies.
  8. Learn what it takes to be great, then teach it to your pitchers.
  9. Motivate pitchers to do something.  Uninformed pitchers will do nothing.
  10. Getting started will be the hardest part.

Learning to pitch is a long-term process of trials and errors.

Pitchers who can’t handle failure will not have a long pitching career.

If you can teach pitchers to have repeatable power pitching mechanics you will already be miles ahead of the game.

Pitching starts with the…

  • Understanding of the Mental Side of Pitching,
  • Fundamental pitching mechanics
  • Having a detailed strength and conditioning program.

If you can do that then you will help eliminate many of the major causes of most pitching arm injuries.

Being a Great Pitching Coach isn’t always about being right.

It’s about being committed, motivated and a great leader of young men.

Are You committed, motivated and a great leader of young pitchers?


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