Does competition motivate you or frustrate you?

A pitcher’s belief about their opponent and their belief in their own ability will play a critical role in how he pitches and whether the competition inspires confidence or triggers thoughts of doubt and fear.

Do you believe that?

4 Traits of Fearless Pitchers

  1. Fiercely competitive without poor sportsmanship.
  2. Takes 100% responsibility for winning. (They expect to win)
  3. Makes no excuses and leaves it all on the field.
  4. Makes his teammates and coaches better.

Fearless pitchers play for the rush that competition provides.

The uncertainty of winning or losing motivates them to give superhuman effort without fear or reservation.

That’s why we love baseball.

Any pitcher that wants to become fearless can, it’s not a natural-born talent.

When you persistently focus on what you want and Not what you’re afraid of…

Anything is possible.

Make a promise to yourself starting right now…to be Fearless.

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