3 Quick tips to being a better High School pitcher today.

  1. Warm Up!  I still can’t believe how many High School games I go to and the starting pitcher don’t throw even 1 pitch before the game.  Those who do have some sort of bullpen warm up seem to have no focus and is really an exercise of futility.  Take the time to properly warm up and throw a focused bullpen.  I guarantee it will make a difference.
  2. Have a Pitching Plan.  Scout the other team.  Know their hitter’s strengths and weaknesses.  Then take what you do well and create a pitching plan for the game that day.  It is still amazing to me how many High School pitchers don’t have a clue to what pitch they are going to throw before the catcher puts down the sign.
  3. Throw every pitch to get an out.  Every pitch you throw should be to get an out.  Notice I never said every pitch should be a strike.  Having the mindset of throwing first pitch strikes, locating your pitches and being aggressive in the strike zone will cut down on your walks and keep your defense on their toes.

P.S.  If they can’t hit your fastball don’t throw anything else.

Everyday we have to make a decision whether we will pay the price it takes to be a Great Pitcher.

What are you going to do Today?


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