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Do you have an unquenchable thirst to want to compete?

There are 3 keys that baseball coaches are looking for.

  1. What is your Desire to compete at an high level?  Do you love the challenge of the competition or are you only wanting to pitch against the teams you know you can beat.  Anybody can beat a bad team, but do you cherish the opportunity to play against the best?
  2. How hard will You work to compete at a high level?  To what extent will you go to prepare to win the game.  Are your practice habits good?  Do you have a pitching plan for today’s game?  Did you put in the work this week to prepare for your start. Your work ethic is a huge part of this key.
  3. Do You Trust Your Desire and Hard Work to confidently compete at a high level? This is the KEY to it all.  You have the desire and you have done all the preparation you could possibly do, now can you can take it out there between the white lines?  It does NOT matter how much desire you have or how much You prepare if you don’t have the heart for competition. 

I am not talking about winning or losing.  Sometimes you have no control over that.

What I am talking about is that deep longing to want to compete.  The kind of longing that keeps you up at night.  The kind of longing that pushes you to get up a 5 in the morning to workout when everyone else is still in bed.

Now were talking!   YOU love it.  You know what I am talking about.

Pitching is the ultimate competition.  You and the Batter, One on One.

Who is going to win?  How bad do you want it?

What kind of Competitor are YOU?

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  • […] Competitiveness:  This is my favorite one.  Are you really competitive?  I mean can’t sleep at night competitive.      This not that you hate to lose.  Everyone I know hates to lose.  Competitiveness is knowing what will it take to win.  What do YOU have to learn?  What do YOU need to practice?  When do YOU get to Perform in a real game.  YOU won’t be beat!  You will outwork, out hustle and have more heart than anyone, Period.  Winning feels good doesn’t it. […]

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